Jeff Kran exists in the Lord Jesus Christ by the Spirit

To teach and to clarify:

  •  Teaching the Scriptures taking into account the Jewishness of the Scriptures and the Jewishness of Messiah

  • To teach believers to use the laws of sound reasoning within their faith to better understand God and his word by helping them to understand the beauty and truth of the  Christian worldview

  •   teaching Biblical truths in their historic context and their relationship to the great metanarrative of God.

  • For unbelievers; to understand the truths of the word of God that will lead them to seek a relationship with him

 To demonstrate and defend:

  • The Trinity, the deity of Christ and other critical doctrines using the Old Testament as well as the New Testament for proofs

  • This can be accomplished by teaching Believer sound arguments for defending these doctrines through training them in apologetics and the use of hermeneutics that takes into account the Jewishness of the Scriptures and the Jewishness of Messiah arguing against contrary positions among believers.

  • Defending The Gospel against all form of Galatianism whether Hebraic and Gentile. By dialoging with unbelievers showing them the goodness of God demonstrated in the person of Messiah Jesus and by explaining the soundness of the Christian worldview in a winsome way. 


To proclaim

  • The person of Messiah Jesus as the God-man, king of Israel and only way of salvation by dialogue, discussion and social interaction