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Rev. Jeff Kran is available to speak at your church or congregation on many topics relating to the Jewish roots of the Christian faith or answering Muslim objections. Jeff is also available to come  lead a Passover Seder at your church, share teachings on the Jewishness of our faith, teach Bible study, or do a seminar about reaching Muslims for Christ. He is also available to do pulpit supply when your pastor is unavailable. To have Jeff come and speak at your church or organization contact him or his lovely wife Marlene at 623-328-7457 or by email at

Sermon Titles

  • Jazzed about Jabbak, the transformation of Jacob
  • Isaiah 53 and Easter
  • Messiah and Miracles (Matthew through Jesus eyes)
  • Miracles and the cost of Discipleship (Matthew through Jewish eyes)
  • The True and the False Matthew 7:12-28 (Matthew through Jewish eyes)
  • 1 Peter chapter 1 speaking of inheritance
  • The Binding of Isaac
  • The God who visits
  • What our disobedience tell God Hosea 4:7-10
  • Disappointment or Missed Appointment Haggai 2:1-9
  • Messiah the greater Moses
  • Triumphant entry
  • Islam, Christianity and the End times
  • Supremacy of Christ Hebrews Chapter 1
  • Is Allah the God of the Bible?
  • Whose Father (the different Fatherhoods of God)

Series availible

Dealing with some issues in Islam (a combination of several message dealing with objections Muslims raise)

Answering Jewish Objections



"Jeff has demonstrated himself to be a gifted teacher and a sound communicator of God’s word, with a passion for apologetics and reaching the lost."  -Pastor George Saieg,   
Director of Ministry to Muslims Network

We have done a number of conferences and speaking engagements together at some Calvary Chapel churches, and the efforts always worked beautifully. I am especially fond of the bridges I have witnessed Jeff build with a local Phoenix church, First Arabic Baptist, and its pastor, Jamal Bishara, a Palestinian born Christian. Everywhere Jeff goes, he seems
to easily make meaningful relationships with believers who are different than him and find a way to serve in a variety of contexts. -Vocab Malone, Urban Theologian Ministries

I am blessed call him my friend. I respect him as a person of good moral character, and a true servant of Christ, Yahweh. -Daniel E. Steiner

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