Where in the World Is Jeff and What Has He Been up to?

Rather than deal with a theological issue this time, I decided update you on some of the ministry that happened while I was on the road and since settling back in Phoenix. Sometimes it is a good idea to simply reflect on some of the opportunities I have had along the journey.

I had a marvelous tour up in the states of Washington, Idaho, and Montana. One of the interesting stories I remember happened while preaching at a church in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. They had a beautiful view of the mountain behind the pulpit. While I was facing the audience as I preached, a huge eagle came by and glided across the window right behind me. The folks in the audience said it was a beautiful thing to see.

The opportunity I had after a “Messiah in the Passover” at a different church was also a tremendous blessing. After the presentation three of the men from the church desired to come and have a second meeting with me which allowed us to converse about some questions that they had and about the word of God.

My time at home included the opportunity to teach a group from YWAM some apologetic material related to Islam and the Bible. This opportunity allowed me to spend at least an hour via Zoom teaching students in California while I was in my office in Phoenix, Arizona. Such opportunities for distance teaching present another avenue of ministry that does not require the complications involved in traveling to locations.

I hope to have musings of a more deeply reflective and theological nature in the upcoming blog. I trust that God will give me the ideas as they are needed.