The Background of Ilhan Omar and the Basis of Her Comments

The anti-Semitic comments of Ilhan Omar have managed to embarrass even the Democratic Party. The reality is that the Democratic Party should be embarrassed by these comments, especially as they were made by someone who is on the Foreign Relations Committee. However, what the Democratic Party is missing is that, while democrats can through secular philosophy detach the moral ramifications of their personal worldviews from their official positions, Congresswoman Omar cannot separate her opinions from her Islam. This is the great ignorance and foolishness of the present Democratic Party. The wearing of a hijab indicates that Congresswoman Omar is more serious about Islam than the Democrats are about the moral ramifications of their own worldviews. Let’s examine whether Congresswoman Omar’s political positions are conditioned in any way by her Muslim beliefs.

First, it must be acknowledged that there are both positive and negative comments related to the Jews in the Quran. Some of these positive comments are conditioned by the idea that the Israelites of the Bible are somehow distinct from the Jews of today, but this is a historical fiction. It must be recognized that Paul did not regard the Israelites of his day as being an ethnically different people than the Israelites of the Bible, but he identifies the Jews of his day as being the same Israelites with the same forefathers and the same heritage, although some groups want to skirt this basic fact. Second, even if Paul is not taken into consideration, the clear paper trail from the ancient Israelites to the Second Temple era writings is clearly established, doubly indicating that the same people group wrote both sets of writings.

Let’s look at one of the important positive comments related to Israel in the Quran, and note that it establishes divine favor upon the Jewish people. “O children of Israel! call to mind My favor which I bestowed on you and be faithful to (your) covenant with Me, I will fulfill (My) covenant with you; and of Me, Me alone, should you be afraid (Surah 2:40).”[1] Given such a positive comment, one needs to ask: does the Quran support the sorts of statements that Congresswoman Omar makes in her recent diatribes?

The following negative comments about Israel suggest that it does. “These [the Jews] are the inmates of the fire...They do not fall short of inflicting loss upon you; they love what distresses you; vehement hatred has already appeared from out of their mouths...If good befalls you, it grieves them, and if an evil afflicts you, they rejoice at it (ibid. Surah 3:116-120).” “(As for) those who disbelieve in Our communications, We shall make them enter fire; so oft as their skins are thoroughly burned, We will change them for other skins, that they may taste the chastisement (ibid. Surah IV, v. 56).”

I have difficulty believing that the Democratic Party has ever made such statements about the Jewish people in general. However, the Quran is not afraid to make such statements. So it would seem that Congresswoman Omar’s comments have a basis in the Quran and not in the official stance of the Democratic Party. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Congresswoman Omar is acting far more in line with the Quran than with the official platform of the Democratic Party. This is the very important point that needs to be made: Congresswoman Omar did not leave the political and worldview suppositions of Islam behind when she took office.

Now, it could be cried foul that the Orthodox Jew or Biblical Christian does not leave their philosophical or moral presuppositions behind when they take office either, so why should we expect Congresswoman Omar to do this very thing? But here’s the problem - Judaism and Christianity are consistent with the U.S. Constitution. The views of Islam are inconsistent with the U.S. Constitution. Modern Judaism sees a separation from the ancient theocracy of Israel and the present US government and awaits the coming of Messiah (at least, sound classical Orthodox Judaism doe), for the setting up of a theocratic government. Biblical Christianity, too, recognizes the separation between the modern secular government of the United States and the functions of the body of Messiah, or as it is called in many circles, the Church.

Islam does not see a separation between the secular government and the mosque as acceptable, except in the very short term, in order to bring countries under the house of Islam, or Sharia law. The Democrats do not get this important and subtle difference and the people of the United States are being fed a lie regarding Islamic philosophy. Hence, we must understand that Congresswoman Omar’s comments are indicative of the type of law that she would like to see imposed on the United States and not merely personal opinions. Reader, realize the incredible danger in separating the worldview of Islam from the opinions politically and morally expressed by Muslims. Secularism is believed by secularists but is not observed by serious followers of Islam.

[1] M. H. Shakir, ed., The Quran (Medford, MA: Perseus Digital Library, n.d.).