God encouragement our usefulness

At first I thought about making this blog contain some aspect of the recent video teaching I have been doing, but thought it might be better and more edifying if I relayed the effect of that video teaching and some practical lesson that could be learned from it. In a recent video dealing with the use of Amos 9:11-12 I discussed the importance of authorial intent as the basis for interpretation even when God had a wider meaning in terms of the implications of a prophecy than even the prophet understood. Now when I share this I did not necessarily have Islam as the main system in mind. But this is the beauty of our God, he can use truth and the sound defense of the faith to impact an argument against the gospel when that group is not even being directly addressed. There are several reasons why God can so effectively do this aside from his total sovereignty and wisdom. His sovereignty and wisdom are of course reasons by which he can so elegantly use arguments in one area to deal with error in another area. One of the reasons God can so effectively do this, is because our enemy has a limited number of tactics which he can use given his own limited nature and the structure of the universe that he is intending to corrupt. Secondly, man as a created image bearer made according to a specific design of God tends to have certain patterns of thought. Third, God is a rational God created a rational universe and therefore the universe has built with in its logic. A word to pastors here, when you violate the laws of clear logic you insult the God of logic who is the author of logic. Too many clergy feel that the rules and study of logic and philosophy is somehow beneath them and unspiritual. But we are told to love God with all our mind and it is supremely spiritual to understand the laws of rationality that he built into the universe. Well now we see reasons why God can so elegantly use a line of reasoning against the specific objection to the gospel in varied ways.

I would like to share the beautiful encouragement from a sister in the Lord that I received. She is a moderator with the Acts 17 apologetics Facebook group. I am so blessed that she tuned into our Monday broadcast and listened. Here is the story she relayed to me,” I wanted to tell you that I took what I learned Monday night about Authorial intent and used it in talking with a Muslim who was trying to say that Hebrews 5:8,9 prove that Jesus was Muslim. It worked very well. Thank you!”