Prayer letter for November2017

We trust that you, our fellow workers, had a blessed holiday season enjoying God’s greatest gift Messiah. We enter the year 2018 facing some of the largest challenges that our ministry has ever faced as we endeavor to make much of Messiah through the proclamation of the gospel, the teaching of the Scriptures, and the defending of our like common faith. It is been an excellent time for me to reflect upon the calling that God has placed on my life and the joy that I have and that calling. One of the struggles we face is a fellowship of churches dear to our hearts as decided that their purposes are slightly narrower than the purpose of Chosen People Ministries “to evangelize and discipled Jewish people and teach others to do the same”. In view of this they have pulled their financial support resulted in a 50% loss of funds. A large unexpected decrease is hard for an under supported missionary. We have been in discussions with Chosen People Ministries in relation to what to do next.

Meanwhile, God continues to bless our efforts in the Phoenix area. The worship pastor from the local Southern Baptist Church that we attend has come out with me providing music for the first Fridays Isaiah 53 outreach. It is been both a pleasure and enjoy having him with me as we minister together on the streets of Phoenix. Hillside Southern Baptist hosted our annual Hanukkah outreach/party and got the church fully involved. My wife was able to host a table at the annual ornament exchange with lots of Hanukkah items on it and share further with the women about Jewish people, Jewish culture, and how Hanukkah pictures truths about our dear Messiah Jesus. The Lord has been active in our ministry as we undergo some of the above-mentioned challenges. He promised he would never forsake us and truly he is with us as we continue to meet the challenges that he is allowed to be placed before us.

Prayer letter for September 2017

Dear fellow laborers,

The weather here in Phoenix has begun to move to the wonderful weather that we enjoy in the fall and winter here. The coming months provide the best time for outdoor outreach given the improvement in the weather. One of the outreaches which I will restart is the First Friday outreach. An exciting development this outreach is that I may be able to provide music and have more of a team as I go out and do the Isaiah 53 table on First Fridays. I hope that this creates more of a draw to the table and allows for additional discussions around the Gospel.

Previous ministry in August provided unique opportunities for ministry which I never even imagine. While Chosen People Ministries exists to reach  Jewish people with the gospel, disciplining them and teaching others to do the same, I have found in my travels that some of the objections to the gospel Jewish people raise  are the same in other groups. My abilities as a Bible teacher and apologist combined with the knowledge of those objections provided me a unique opportunity to be on satellite television as a guest on an apologetic show. This  show was broadcast throughout the entire Middle east. I received such  joy from being able to use my gift of teaching and abilities as an apologist, This is not a normal part of my ministry for Chosen People, but it seems that our God has a way of being creative in the way he uses those who serve them. Of course, the Autumn also includes an opportunity to speak in Colorado doing in entire series on the Fall Feasts. The joy was I could take my wife along, Colorado happens to be her favorite state, that is next to Vermont.