Jeff Kran has been married to Marlene since September 1987 and together they have five children Ariel, Rivkah, Yosef, Gavriella and Devorah. Jeff was born in Chicago in 1962 and was raised by secular Jewish parents. He was greatly influenced by his Orthodox Jewish grandfather who made sure that Jeff had the basis of a Jewish education. Jeff came to faith in 1982 through a study of the evidence for the truth of Scripture - particularly Messianic prophecy. Since then, he has been active in Bible teaching, conference speaking and congregation planting. Jeff has been noted for his gift of teaching and ability in Apologetics. 
Jeff completed his Masters of Divinity Degree with a focus in Messianic Jewish Studies at the Charles Feinberg Center in January 2011. He is currently a doctoral candidate working towards a Doctor of Ministry degree at Talbot Theological Seminary in the area of Philosophy and Apologetics and hopes to have that completed by May of 2018. Currently he and his family live and minister in the Phoenix Arizona area.